Professional production aluminum alloy castings
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Aluminum die casting is the most common alloy used for the die casting process today, as it is used in a broad range of products. One of the main benefit of aluminum die cast parts is that they are have very lightweight, while maintaining the ability to withstand the highest operating temperatures among all the die cast alloys. Aluminum also has a very high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin wall applications. Aluminum die casting parts are also chosen for their corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties making them a primary choice for a wide range of applications from consumer electronic housing to marine applications. Aluminum die cast parts also has high thermal and electrical conductivity as well as EMI shielding makes aluminum an excellent choice for enclosures for networking and telecommunication applications as it provides shielding properties while providing effective heat dissipation for the electronic components housed inside. The lightness of aluminum die cast parts makes them an ideal choice for handheld applications such as power tools and other portable devices and is also used extensively in automotive and aerospace applications for weight reduction and fuel efficiency.  Aluminum die casting parts are also easy to machine for high precision requirements and can be chromated, anodized, painted or powder coated without difficulty.
Industries using aluminum die casting parts:Professional production of various types of zinc, aluminum alloy castings
Marine Parts
Aerospace Parts
Power Tools
Consumer Electronics
Networking and Telecommunication
Handheld Devices
Our aluminum die casting facility consist of:
Over 25 sets of cold chamber die casting machines range up to 1800 Tons of maximum locking force.
Aluminum Alloys Use: