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Alloys Used in Die Casting定制生产和制造
As a fabrication process, die casting is notable for its capacity to manufacture parts with a high degree of uniformity, close design accuracy, and quality surface finishes. In many cases, die casting can reduce or eliminate the need for post-production machining, raising the cost-efficiency of the process and shortening fabrication time. While it may be difficult to die cast sturdier metals, such as certain grades of steel, there are many other types of  well-suited for die casting methods.
Die casting molds are usually constructed from hardened steel and they are often the most expensive component in a die casting machine. These molds can handle a range of different alloy families with varying results, but die casting is generally most effective on metals with low fusing temperatures. For this reason, the common die casting alloys fall into a handful of categories based on their composition and material properties.